Heaven's Tear
Heaven's Tear
Rarity Magenta
Damage 350
Knockback Insane
Use time Very slow
Tooltip 'Heaven splits with each swing'. Does 2x damage to mages and ghosts...
Sells for: 50 Gold Coin


Crafting Station
Demon Altar Demon Altar
Ingredient(s) Amount
Enchanted Morning Star Enchanted Morning Star 1
Guardian Soul Guardian Soul 1
Cursed Soul Cursed Soul 60
Flame of the Abyss Flame of the Abyss 17
Dark Soul Dark Soul 120000
Heaven's Tear Heaven's Tear 1

Used inEdit

Result Ingredients
Heaven's Tear II Heaven's Tear II Heaven's Tear Heaven's Tear (1)

Humanity Humanity (15)

Red Titanite Red Titanite (20)

Dark Soul Dark Soul (230000)