Guardian Corruptor
Guardian Corruptor
Health 30000
Damage 165
Defense 150
Immune to
Knockback Knockback
Confusion Confusion
Drops: 1 Gold Coin 87 Silver Coin 50 Copper Coin
Item (Quantity) Rate
Cursed Soul Cursed Soul  (8-15) 100%
Rotten Chunk Rotten Chunk  (1-4) 60%

A mini-boss of the corruption area. Starts to spawn after killing Attraidies. Be careful when fighting the Guardian Corruptor as it is extremely powerful and impossible to kill in a reasonable amount of time. Unless you're fine with the spread of the Corruption you may want to fight it inside the Corruption so that its Vile Spit doesn't Corrupt the rest of your world.


Acts like a normal Corruptor but rapid-fires a trio of Vile Spit instead of one. Also stops the monsters from spawning.