Fire Fiend Marilith
Fire Fiend Marilith
Health 30000
Damage 60
Defense 38
Immune to
Knockback Knockback
Confusion Confusion
Cursed Inferno Cursed Inferno
Drops: 30 Gold Coin
Item (Quantity) Rate
Ice 3 Tome Ice 3 Tome 10%
Holy War Elixir Holy War Elixir 100%
Ancient Holy Lance Ancient Holy Lance 100%
Guardian Soul Guardian Soul 100%
Fairy in a Bottle Fairy in a Bottle 100%

Fire Fiend Marilith is one of the many optional bosses in The Story of Red Cloud. While she isn't the hardest of the optional bosses, she certainly isn't the easiest. Being one of the Ancient Guardians she is, of course, one tough cookie, boasting a hefty healthpool of 30-thousand, with some annoying attacks. While Marilith is an optional boss whose death is not necessary for the completion of the main story, she is certainly very necessary to kill for those who want a bit of a challenge or some fun, as well as some very nice items.


When Summoned, Fire Fiend Marilith will typically come from the left or the right, flying through any walls that happen to be in the way. If there is nothing between you or Marilith she will immediately begin shooting status inflicting bolts at you. The most common projectile she will use is a small pink bolt that visibly spins as it flies. Those bolts will inflict bleeding, poison, and cripple on you, cripple being the worst part about it. A second bolt that she tends to weave in with the many smaller pink bolts looks like a large pink circle. That bolt inflicts slow, confusion, and gravitation. Gravitation paired with confusion can mess any player up and will definitely be the death of an unprepared player. Marilith also casts Bolt 3 which also happens to be her least damaging ability.

Aside from shooting a volley of bolts at you, Marilith also has a very simple movement pattern of just simply floating towards you. While Marilith will pass through walls while flying towards you, she won't pass through certain walls until it becomes necessary. Simply put, she will never stop moving. Her aim is to get as close as possible while simultaneously firing magic at you; magic that impairs your ability to run away.


If you're fighting Marilith in the arena provided to you this fight can be challenging if you're not ready. If you haven't found or chose not to craft/use a chain/ivy/dual hook or are not using a cloud in a bottle then it is not recommended to fight Marilith in the arena provided. The reason for this is that it is a very closed, and restrictive area, and you want to be as far away from Marilith as possible. To prepare for the fight and make it easier, be sure to bring as many buff potions and status prevention/cleansing related items.

If inside the arena..Edit

Watch for where Marilith is coming from and keep your distance if you can afford to. Your aim should be to damage her from a distance and dodge all of her bolts. You can afford to be hit by Bolt 3, but you really want to avoid being hit by her two pink bolts. If you're hit by either of the pink bolts it can really be difficult to keep your distance from her and avoid her flurry of magic. If you're hit by the small spinning pink bolt you should immediately come up with a plan to get as far away from her as possible and just avoiding the rest of her magic until you regain your mobility. The best way to avoid all of her magic is by jumping from the left side of the arena to the right, back and forth, above her while she floats around below. The distance from the bottom of the arena to the two entrances is large enough to give you enough time to plan your movements for going from left to right or right to left.

Outside of the arena..Edit

Depending on where in the world that you're fighting Marilith it makes the fight a bit easier or more difficult. When choosing a spot to fight Marilith you should consider what movement options are available to you. You can choose a spot with multiple platforms so you can jump around her while avoiding her magic. Alternatively you can also find a bit of a stretch of land that you can use to run away from her while avoiding the flurry of magic. Just be careful when using that strategy as her 30-thousand health is a lot of health. You may run out of space to run from her.

Recommended WeaponryEdit

Looking at the way Marilith fights, it is best to use any form of ranged weaponry that can put a considerable dent in Marilith's face. Magic users and Rangers have the best time beating Marilith, with melee class types getting the shorter end of the stick. Really, any ranged weapon/spell is good enough. Warriors, however, may need to take a different weapon of choice into battle. Large spears or flails seem to be the best weapon for the situation.